50/50 Raffle

Support One Roof Foundation during the 2023-2024 NHL Season by participating in our 50/50 Raffle at Climate Pledge Arena! Fans over the age of 18 may purchase raffle tickets at Seattle Kraken home games from the time doors open until the end of the second intermission. Tickets can be purchased from adult volunteer ticket sellers at stationary kiosks and throughout the concourses of Climate Pledge Arena. One winning ticket will be selected at random during the 3rd period of each game, with the winner receiving half of the net proceeds from the raffle, and One Roof Foundation receiving the other half!

If you hold the winning ticket from a past 50/50 Raffle, email [email protected] with a photo of your winning ticket to coordinate prize verification and payout.

One Roof Foundation seeks to advance equity and sustainability by increasing opportunities to thrive for our most vulnerable young people and communities.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem,

call the Washington State Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-547-6133 for confidential help 24 hours a day.

  • Winning Ticket for Whatcom County Youth Hockey

    Bellingham resident and Kraken season ticket member donates 50-50 raffle winnings to increase access to hockey in his community — by Bob Condor When Bellingham resident Parker Sutton and a friend attended the Oct. 15 Kraken home opener, Sutton noticed the team was launching the Seattle Kraken 50/50 Raffle, presented by Washington’s Lottery. The raffle…

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  • [KOMO News] Seattle Kraken introduce 50-50 electronic raffle benefits One Roof Foundation

    “ReWA is just one of the organizations that benefits from the Seattle Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena’s charitable arm called One Roof Foundation. Transportation, coaching and gear for these skaters are all covered by One Roof Foundation. To help fund more programs like this, the Seattle Kraken just launched its own 50-50 electronic raffle.”

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  • Raffle = Odds-On Fan Favorite

    One Roof Foundation launching electronic 50/50 raffle at Kraken home games this season, half to One Roof Foundation and other half to fortunate fan – by Bob Condor Kraken fans are about to join in the long-standing hockey tradition of 50/50 raffles at home games, but with a 2.0-type version. Beginning with the Sept. 26…

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2023-24 Raffle Results

DateOpponentTotal JackpotWinning Ticket NumberPrize AmountPrize Claimed
4/11/2024San Jose Sharks$148,5101388414077$74,255Yes
4/9/2024Arizona Coyotes$18,330311469055$9,165Yes
3/30/2024Dallas Stars$21,610956817208$10,805Yes
3/28/2024Anaheim Ducks$14,1401880648033$7,070Yes
3/26/2024Anaheim Ducks$16,5302201203147$8,265Yes
3/24/2024Montreal Canadiens$18,9302528064178$9,465Yes
3/18/2024Buffalo Sabres$17,1301009077006$8,565Yes
3/16/2024Nashville Predators$26,670838975027$13,335Yes
3/14/2024Washington Capitals$14,8701075602155$7,435Yes
3/12/2024Vegas Golden Knights$17,9901301221020$8,995No
3/8/2024Winnipeg Jets$21,6901048703174$10,845No
3/2/2024Edmonton Oilers$35,7401116528030$17,870Yes
2/29/2024Pittsburgh Penguins$22,9202067125036$11,460Yes
2/26/2024Boston Bruins$20,7001202221008$10,350Yes
2/24/2024Minnesota Wild$35,0001937146270$17,500Yes
2/22/2024Vancouver Canucks$23,480863475057$11,740Yes
2/19/2024Detroit Red Wings$28,8001482226044$14,400No
1/28/2024Columbus Blue Jackets$20,1001897439008$10,050Yes
1/26/2024St. Louis Blues$25,4101222060047$12,705Yes
1/24/2024Chicago Blackhawks$23,130648296005$11,565Yes
1/21/2024Toronto Maple Leafs$22,8202488436002$11,410Yes
1/4/2024Ottawa Senators$22,3802519362162$11,190No
1/1/2024Vegas Golden Knights$218,1602746534006 $109,080Yes
12/29/2023Philadelphia Flyers$38,910203071055$19,455Yes
12/16/2023LA Kings$26,560683620045$13,280Yes
12/14/2023Chicago Blackhawks$18,8401215305198$9,420Yes
12/12/2023Florida Panthers$16,4901433678001$8,245Yes
12/10/2023Minnesota Wild$22,620766553022$11,310Yes
12/9/2023Tampa Bay Lightning$22,360973107095$11,180Yes
12/7/2023NJ Devils$17,240502791008$8,620Yes
11/24/2023Vancouver Canucks$37,1601980757034$18,580Yes
11/22/2023San Jose Sharks$21,0001211479048$10,500Yes
11/20/2023Calgary Flames$14,9301238940007$7,465Yes
11/16/2023NY Islanders$20,0202692868038$10,010Yes
11/13/2023Colorado Avalanche$19,1601229338016$9,580Yes
11/11/2023Edmonton Oilers$41,1902454411259$20,595Yes
11/4/2023Calgary Flames$27,8301649281034$13,915Yes
11/2/2023Nashville Predators$21,7801778100023$10,890Yes
10/21/2023NY Rangers$39,8601236967131$19,930Yes
10/19/2023Carolina Hurricanes$20,6001474178049$10,300Yes
10/17/2023Colorado Avalanche$25,0881997718053$12,544Yes
10/2/2023Edmonton Oilers$12,5442097581008$6,272Yes
9/28/2023Vancouver Canucks$12,162652019002$6,081Yes
9/25/2023Calgary Flames$9,9721489162010$4,986Yes

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