3 Pillars

Working to ensure that every young person in our region has a roof over their head, access to play, and clean air to breathe


Creating access and opportunities so that everyone who wants to play, can play.

Sport and play help kids stay physically and mentally healthy, develop social and emotional skills, and succeed in school, work, and life. But while all kids want to play, the opportunity to participate is largely dictated by zip code, household income, and primary language spoken at home. One Roof Foundation and the Seattle Kraken leverage our resources to break down barriers to all forms of hockey so that all kids can play. We work in and with historically underserved and BIPOC communities to bring ball hockey to schools, nonprofits, and community centers. We also ensure broad and equitable access to ice time and programming at Kraken Community Iceplex.

With your support, we can provide pathway programming for Learn to Skate and Learn to Play programs, Recreational Hockey, Adaptive and Inclusive Hockey organizations, Field Trips, Public Skates, and more.


Forging holistic & long-term partnerships to help end youth homelessness.

No one grows up wanting to be homeless. In Washington alone over 40,000 public school students were homeless or facing housing insecurity last year.

One Roof Foundation partners with and invests in organizations working to end youth homelessness. 

Our primary partner is YouthCare. Founded in 1974, YouthCare was one of the first shelters to serve runaway and homeless youth on the West Coast. YouthCare now provides shelter, housing, education, and employment training to over 1,500 deserving young people a year so that they have the hope, skills, and self-confidence needed to thrive. 

One Roof Foundation, Seattle Kraken, and Climate Pledge Arena raise funds for YouthCare, amplify YouthCare’s message to our fans and the broader community, and provides job training, internships, and employment opportunities at our different facilities, to help move the needle in the fight against youth homelessness.


Elevating the voices of and supporting communities disproportionately impacted by climate change.

Everyone should have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and clean and safe places to gather and play, but not everyone does.

Low-income and predominantly BIPOC neighborhoods in our region face a higher degree of environmental risk factors such as proximity to polluted waterways, busy highways, and industrial sites.

The negative impacts are compounded by the lack of adequate access to safe fields, courts, and open spaces. One Roof Foundation partners with and supports these communities to both offset the impacts of climate change and provide access to safe places to play.

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