[Sound of Hockey] Local hockey players hit the ice for the 2023 Seattle Puckathon event

“The doors of the Sno-King Ice Arena in Snoqualmie, Wash., opened on June 17 and 18 as players warmed up to get involved in the 2023 Seattle Puckathon event. The event consisted of a series of eight teams playing against each other to help raise money to give younger generations a way to live and enjoy the sport, worry-free. All funds raised will go to The One Roof Foundation’s programs that help support underrepresented youth and get them involved with hockey. 

Tournament director David Mosbach organized the event himself. According to Mosbach, the event ran about 16 hours, including games, ice cuts, and warmup times. 

‘I love hockey, and it’s given me a lot in my life, my friends, my health, my mental health,’ Mosbach said. ‘I figured the best thing I could do was organize a tournament for charity.'”Read the full story here.